Waterproof Your Biggest Investment

Today people have waterproof phones, but many still do not know about, or understand the importance of, waterproofing the foundation of a new home. In short, waterproofing your foundation could help you avoid water damage to your home, destruction of belongings and loss of time – which all leads to money and headaches. Foundations need to be sealed correctly and proper drainage systems need to be in place. It takes less effort and time do do things right the first time.


Seal Your Foundation


Install Proper Drainage


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In addition to his years of experience as owner and operator of AFCI, John Farley has 11 years experience as the Engineering Technician Senior with Kansas DOT. He preformed Inspections and provided contract administration on various road and bridge construction projects in the Topeka Kansas area. This technical knowledge and detailed inspection experience has proven to be extremely valuable in the operation of Advanced Foundation Coatings Inc.

Communication, planning, high quality products, superb customer service, great attitude, and excellent business ethics is what AFCI strives to provide. We like our business to be water tight as well as the foundations we coat.

AFCI began operation in June of 2002. In the beginning AFCI sprayed asphalt dampproofing and added all polymer waterproofing products in December 2002.


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